Sexual Stereotypes In The Media's Supernatural Women

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In the television show Supernatural women are almost always portrayed as sex objects or killed off. Women on the show are very limited in their role in which they are either a damsel in distress or a villain who ultimately meets their death. There is no sense of a feminine hero or portrayal of truth in the media; everything is a fabrication and is made up to seem almost utopian to others. The representations of women in the show are unreal and therefore they are negative. This sends a message to the viewers of this show that women are powerless objects of desire and have to look a certain way to fit a mold. Throughout the media the roles of women are more often than not fixed. Many fall into specific categories like sexual object or damsel in distress. “Even though television portrays girls with a wide range of options, from super-student to sleuth to singer, "how they look" is still considered more important than "what they do". (Sexual Stereotypes in the Media) Women are seldom represented as strong willed or able to do stuff on their own. From this portrayal the…show more content…
“ I have juggled like mad, with three wonderful kids, a husband 1 adore, and jobs that leave me perched perpetually on the edge of insanity. Like most working mothers, I have snuck out of meetings to attend piano recitals and missed track meets when a deadline was looming. I have sprinted through airports in the futile hope of catching an earlier flight home and tried to comfort a sobbing child when, inevitably, the plane was late.” (Spar) One could argue that mothers do ten times more for them than their fathers did so why is it more often than not they are shown as weaker than men? If anything they could at least show how much a woman does or be a little bit more truthful in how they represent

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