Sears Stores Case Study

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Part 1: About Us i. About sears outlet Sears hometown and outlet stores were founded in 1952 as a joint business venture by Simpsons and Sears, its headquarters are located in 290 Yonge Street (Toronto Eaton Centre) Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sears outlet is a retailer that deals with sales of home appliances, garden equipment, apparel, mattresses, sporting tools and goods, and tools. Sears outlet store has four secondary store formats: they include the sears hometown, sears outlet, sears hardware, sears appliance and sears home appliances showrooms. Sears hometown and sears outlet stores are located in Hoffman Estates Illinois; the two stores were founded in 12th April 2012. Sear outlet stores sell discounted, used, cosmetically blemished or…show more content…
The videos that will keep you informed throughout the year on what’s new and what’s trending and this help you make better decisions on your home upgrades. Sears outlet Facebook link By liking Sears outlet Facebook page, you get an opportunity to comment on services they offer and mention things you would like improved. You can also view all the latest pictures of appliances that are available in that season. Facebook is a good way to stayed connected with other consumers and their views about the products. Sears outlet twitter link Tweet, tweet, tweet, and get the best deals on appliances and new product arrivals. Follow sears outlet twitter handle and receive alerts on the latest offers and coupons. Sears outlet on Google plus Information is power, follow Sears outlet on Google plus page, add them to your circle and get exclusive information on sales, events and also promotions. Sears outlet on…show more content…
Everything good must come at a cost but Sear outlet ensures that you get all this information at your own comfort

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