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During class on Thursday we watched the documentary Schooled: The Price of College Sports. Schooled looks into the various injustices that the current NCAA administrations puts upon its student-athletes. It is clear from the get-go that this documentary obviously has an anti-NCAA slant. I wasn’t particularly surprised by the content of this documentary because I had already seen this documentary. I was also given this same exact assignment last semester. Given this predicament and my commitment to academic integrity and abiding by the Indiana University code of conduct, I had to find a new angle from which to approach this critique without appearing ingenious. When I first had seen this documentary 7 months ago, my main takeaways centered around…show more content…
Kent Waldrip is a former running back for TCU who was paralyzed in a 1974 game against Alabama. Despite the manner and severity of his predicament Waldrip wasn’t afforded any level of compassion by the NCAA or TCU. In fact, TCU cut his scholarship the next semester because they saw no use in paying for his continued education if he wasn’t going to help on the field. To this very day a scent of disgust enters me whenever I think about or seeing anything associated with TCU (which is in fact quite often because my sister goes to school there and I attended their bowl game). Almost equally outrageous is the fact that Waldrip never received any compensation or reimbursement for his injuries as he was denied workers compensation by the state of Texas. Waldrip’s denial of workers compensation occurred primarily because of his “student-athlete” title at the time of his injury. Since Waldrip was technically a student-athlete and not an employee of the NCAA or TCU, these entities didn’t owe him anything for the injuries that he suffered. I find it to be morally abhorrent that entities such as the NCAA and TCU are not legally required to pay for medical bills related to injuries suffered by athletes whilst representing their schools on the athletic fields. The callous disregard that these entities show for their injured athletes is especially disheartening when you consider how much money that those athletes bring to the

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