Scholarly Patient Observation Paper

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On Saturday 10/03/2015 at 2155 hours. I, Officer Steven Evans responded to a request for a 51D Disorderly Patient ED in room # 46. I arrived at 2156 hours and met with ED Nurse Binou Sunilmon who informed me that patient, Gino Abad (MRN: 70956457/FIN: 84653681) was being very loud but by the time Security arrived everything was calm. I observed the patient was not in his room at the time of my arrival and was told by the Nurse that he was in the restroom. I stood by the nursing station desk as a precaution and observed patient went back to his room without any incident. Nurse Sunilmon talked briefly with patient and notified me that Security presence was no longer needed. Immediately, I called Dispatch to inform and cancel the arrival of all

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