Scholar Practitioning Model

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Counseling is viewed as an essential function in a complex society; it is a function rather than a role. Counseling is observed as that which it help makes society run smoothly. The counselor is the representative and advocate of those who make up the social system. The counseling profession struggles with identity and role. Different circumstances demand different roles; for example a counselor at times may look like a teacher or a social worker. Regardless of the role shifts, the counselor continues a genuine desire to help people in all ways to use their individual resources. By using their resources within their social and cultural environment to make a better life. Counselors are here to help their clients to make better life for themselves…show more content…
A counselor is a scholar practitioner that implies for a counselor to be a highly trained profession who uses new knowledge generated through research to positively change his or her client’s life. Research can be defined as the process through which hypotheses are tested and proved or disapproved through data collection and analysis (Sheperis, Young, & Daniel, 2010). Therefore, this means that it is the process through which new knowledge can be generated on different phenomena in the counseling field. Research has provided an avenue for regeneration of new knowledge that will make counseling profession responsive to the client needs. Also, research provides counselors with evidence upon which they can base their practice…show more content…
The counselor is probably the most studied object in our research history. This is guided by a desire to understand how to train successful and effective counselors (Sexton, 1999). Research has clearly established the efficacy of individual group, and family counseling for a variety of presenting client concerns. Most important for practice, research is now directed to a number of very stable trends that support the efficacy of some practices of counseling over others, the different value of some counseling over others and effectiveness of matching certain client problems (Sexton

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