Schleiermacher's Black Liberation Theology

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Introduction Theology is the science of God. It centers on His nature, His Being, His creatures, His Divinity, and His Church. In other words, theology is studying God’s behaviors. However, overtime theology expanded to include other divisions of theology. Among those theologies is practical theology, which was developed by F. D. E. Schleiermacher an influential German theologian of the 19th century. Schleiermacher viewed theology as a practical science, which stressed the importance of religious feeling and the need to relate Christian faith to the human condition. In light of Schleimacher’s view, in 1968 Liberation theology emerged as a movement grounded in the liberating character of the gospel. Liberation theology according to…show more content…
In this case, Liberation Theology is a theological movement that influenced Black Theology, a movement that arose in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The movement originated in Black Protestant churches as an expression of the civil rights struggle. The black clergy believed black theology was necessary in order to interpret the meaning of Christianity within the black experience rather than the European or white North American experience. I will discuss circumstances that influenced the origin of black theology, its impact on the church and the significance for the church today. Origin of Black Theology Similar to the Liberation Theology movement, Black Liberation Theology highlighted God’s interest in the Black struggle. The title “Black Liberation Theology” was not selected randomly. On the contrary, each word in the title had a special meaning and represented the significance of the black experience. For instance, the word “Black” was chosen to represent Malcolm X’s teachings in the Black Power movement. Then, “liberation” was chose to represent past and present struggles for political struggles and the Exodus story. Finally, the word “theology” was chosen to represent the

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