Analysis Of A Lesson Before Dying By Ernest Gaines

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In African American culture, there were lots of cultural traditions and storytelling from different families in different places. Ernest Gaines took these stories and had made them more meaningful for people to see how it was back in those times. Gaines, took these stories from family, friends, and neighbors, transforming them into some of the bestselling well known books. These stories from Gaines friends and family were very important because they played an important role in the history makings of how Africans Americans were mistreated. The time period in which these stories were shared, were when slavery was a big issue along with society looking down on others for being a different color. From the beginning of creating these books, Gaines was not very successful. As time went by and privileges were being granted to African Americans, more people wanted read all the stories that Gaines had written from the help of his friends and family sharing their life stories. (Academy of Achievement) Ernest James Gaines was born on January 15, 1933 in a conflicted time period. Gaines was born in Louisiana for most of his youth lifetime. The government had segregated schools, so Gaines…show more content…
Justice Gentlemen? Why, I would just as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this” (pg8) Gaines compares a human to an animal, and that Jefferson doesn’t know anything and it would be worthless to execute him. This is related to his real life because he felt that he was not really worth anything. The court and people had judged him based on his color and did not even want to have a case for Jefferson because they straight up thought it was a waste of time. It is funny how he says that he might as well put a hog in an electric chair based on the fact that he is too dumb to be worth executing. He compares Jefferson to a hog because he is clueless of what went on that day at the

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