Sandro Botticelli Influence On Women

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Sandro Botticelli is one of the most acclaimed Florentine quattrocento painters in Renaissance. He was born in Florence in 1445 and died in 1510 (Skira, p.7). In his lifetime, he created many famous paintings that awarded him fame, wealth, and respects. He is a master of feminine beauty. As a master who created one of the most beautiful image of women, Venus, Botticelli’s rendering of female beauties is creative and stunning. Botticelli had a passion for painting all kinds of beautiful women: from Madonna, to ordinary women in his contemporary; from Christian figures to Greek mythological goddesses. His meticulous rendering of women made them so alive. Despite the fact that Botticelli created the most beautiful image of women in humanity, Botticelli’s potrayals of women varies through his…show more content…
The various images of women in Botticelli’s paintings indicate his ideas of female beauty, echoing with his life, changes through time. Botticelli is such a great master of beauty that he even potrayed Holy figures in an extraordinary gorgeous way. In his tondo Madonna del Magnificat (1480),( figure 1.), tempera on panel, Botticelli depicted the religious figure, Madonna, as a female writer with beauty and wisdom, which challenged the images of women being illiterate in that time. Madonna del Magnificat (1480) is regarded as one of the most significant portraits of Madonna. In this panel, Madonna, in the center of the picture, is holding the child Jesus with her left hand. She wears a red dress with a royal blue cloak. In front of her, there is a book with Latin passages on both sides that she is about to write on with inked pen. On the right-hand page of the book is Mary’s famous prayer that

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