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Communication has been one of the essential aspect of human life. It’s not only communication with the humans, but also with the outer world. Nature. Communicating with the nature, changes peoples perspectives and we start to appreciate different things. After seeing new and extraordinary things, we always want to seize the moment, capture the beauties of the world. After capturing them, the next demand is to share it with others, our families, friends and even the people we don’t know. If we look back at our history, we will remember that our ancestors were the ones who painted on caves, they wanted to capture and transform the knowledge they experienced from the outer world. They had sensory connection with animals and outer world and they craved to create the images. World has been creating emotional knowledge…show more content…
“Safe Area Gorazde” tells the story of Bosnian war, which took place from 1992-1995. Author shows severe separation between Serbs and Muslims, which created the concept of lost time and space. Before the war, Serbs and Muslims were one community. The style of the book, automatically creates the emotional knowledge in a way that we encounter the images. Sacco tries to bond us to the story, by using images. Images strengthen our emotions, because we get connected to them and we vividly see what’s happening. The fact that images are black and white builds ups our emotions, because color doesn’t distract us and we can concentrate on the tragedy that Bosnian people experienced during the genocide. This separation created lost concept of time and space, same as irony of time and space. Joe Sacco uses technical skills in images such as light, shadows and facial expressions to create feeling of “lost” time and space, which originated between Serbs and Muslims during the war

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