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Besides being chased and screamed at by a group of angry field hockey coaches in Pennsylvania, one of my favorite running camp memories occurred in the early 1990’s in Vermont. Back then, unlike today, I was still able to lead a group of runners for the week, run twice a day with that group, and in the evening, still find the energy to analyze running form videos for many of the first year campers. During that particular week, my partner in Group # 7 was a graduate of St. Bernard High School in Connecticut by the name of Tom Giard. Over the next few years, Tom would go on to coach the girls’ cross country team at St. Bernard for several years, become more involved with obtaining his Administrative Certification in education, and ultimately become the Superintendent of Schools in Waterford, Connecticut. Little did we know as that week began, but the combination of his patience and my obvious lack orienteering skills would be put to the test. On the Tuesday afternoon of that week, my group was informed we would be running a new course which was located in an area of the Northeast Kingdom which I had never been to before. When I tried to explain that bit of information to the person…show more content…
Just minutes before the cafeteria would close down for the night, group #7 sat down with their dinner and together rehashed the entire afternoon. It would turn out to be one of the greatest bonding experiences that I would ever be a part of. For the rest of that week, those same high school athletes in Group #7 hung out with each other more than they did with members of their own teams. Additionally, for the next few years, when I would encounter one of them at a cross country or track meet, they would always excitedly greet me and want to talk about “that time we all had to run back to the college at running
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