Runaway By Kanye West: Song Analysis

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A good song has different qualities to it that make people more intrigued and want to listen to it. “Runaway” by Kanye West featuring Pusha T. has multiple reasons to why it is a good song. One of the reasons is because Kanye talks about how he realized he has made mistakes in his past and that he has been a bad person towards people, specifically women. Another example is in Pusha T’s verse. Pusha T. talks about how his life as a young rapper shapes him to be someone that Kanye has become. In the chorus of the song, Kanye is telling a girlfriend to “Runaway” because he has realized how bad of a person he has become and through the different parts of the song the listener can see how Kanye changes into a better person. The reasons why Kanye West’s song “Runaway” is a good song is…show more content…
Specifically, in the chorus, Kanye does this by toasting to the young rappers that have made him realize that he, himself, can improve as a person. This song shows that while the people around you can shape you into someone you don’t want to be, they can also make you realize that you can change into a better person by recognizing the mistakes you have made. Through this, Kanye also recognizes he is going to have a hard time changing, and that a woman he is with deserves more than the uncouth man he has become. This part of the song shows that in a relationship, the woman always has the option to leave when a man is treating her poorly. Pusha T’s verse he shows that he does not care about any of that and creates a vision for the listener to see how Kanye was shaped into that kind of a man. He speaks about how as a young rapper

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