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Roy Eberhardt was a very important character in this novel. Not only being the main character, he saved the owls from being bulldozed. Every other character looked up to Roy to prevent situations from happening, like the saving of the owls. Explained throughout this essay are references on how Roy was a very important character to the story. For instance, Roy stuck up for another character throughout the novel. When this particular character was going through family issues, Roy was there for someone to look up to. He made sure that this character had a friend. Even though, not always was this character very nice to Roy, he never said you can’t come to me when you are in a tough time. Roy was always kind, to others. He always stuck up for this character.…show more content…
Dana Matherson, the character who punched Roy on the school bus, was a very snotty character. Even though Roy was bullied, punched, and not treated well by Dana, he still wrote a sorry letter for the bad decision Dana made, the decision to punch Roy in the face. He felt worse that Dana made such a decision, rather than the fact he was hurt. This is a great example of how Roy wore his heart on his sleeve for others. When mysteries arose, Roy made sure he gathered all evidence to solve them correctly. He never solved a mystery, and hurt someone while, or after doing so. He made sure that every mystery was solved efficiently. Each mystery that Roy solved put a new piece together, in finding the solution. Roy and his efforts helped a lot during the novel. Although, Roy’s efforts helped throughout the novel, he also took risks while trying to fix conflicts. When he tried to figure out another characters conflict, he took risks. Some risks were worse than others, but he always managed to come out still pushing on. Giving up was not in Roy’s vocabulary. He wasn’t going to let something small, tear his world

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