Rowlatt Satyagraha Essay

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During the interwar period (1919-1939) in India, the British started losing control and ended up with the partition of 1947 of the sub-continent. In the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries Indians had against the British raj through constitutional methods of devotions and petitions by extra- constitutional systems of individual revolutionary violence. By 1919 constitutional had proved unsuccessful in winning major concessions and irregular, isolated armed resistance had been crushed. The year 1919 was the crisis in the modern history of India. This year brought the repressive Rowlatt bills/act. Rowlatt Act was a governmental act approved by the imperial legislative council in Delhi on 18 March 1919. Indefinitely extending the emergency…show more content…
Gandhi and the other Indian leaders was enormously serious for the act and debated that not everyone should get sentenced in response to isolated political misconducts. The act irritated many Indian leader and peoples, which caused the government to implement oppressive measures. Gandhi and other found that constitutional opposition to the measure was useless. On April 6, the Indian leaders organized the “Hartal” where Indians would closed down all business and fast as a sign of their opposition and civil disobedience would be offered against this law. The event is known as the “Rowlatt…show more content…
It was led by Gandhi and supported by the Indian National Congress. It aimed to resist the British rule in India through non violent means. Gandhi’s call for a nationwide protest against the Rowlatt act, where all offices and factories would be closed and the Indian were adopt the use of local handicrafts and refuse to buy the British goods. The leaders / politicians like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Annie Besant and Sammed Akiwate, all opposed the idea outright. The All India Muslim League also criticized the idea. But the youth of India were electrified and supported

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