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Everyday, it was the same routine for my mother and me: wake up, go to the flea market, sell, and home. It was still dark outside and musty, I had woken up early this morning. I always did. I think it might have been 2 in the morning. It wasn’t anything eerie, I was just awoken by a barking sound of the dog next door. Our house was nothing lavish, it was made of carton boards that barely stood up together. We lived next to a dump site where the rich dumped their luxurious wastes. I’ve gotten use to the smell a week after I was born. The scent was too strong, but I have to live with it. My mother always reminded me that I used to cry louder than the wolves when I was born. She thought it was normal for babies to cry that way. But she came…show more content…
We weren’t the forgotten ones but we weren’t the ones who sold the most either. See, the thing about making a living at the flea market is that you have to get as soon as the sunrises if you want a good spot- the middle, where everyone comes by and buys your products. My mother and I never really made it that early, we never tried at least. The person who always made it there on time was Rose Maryann. I think she actually lived there. The godlike woman walked around the flea market with such confidence in her face. She was about the same height as mother, but there was something odd about her, I cannot quite explain. Maybe it’s how presentable she looks, or how she looked around too much not buying anything, as if, she’s just observing the whole flea market. Maybe she’s a cop who’s undercover trying to shut this illegal flea market down. “No, I highly doubt it, “ I thought and shook my head. Maybe I’m just paying too much attention to…show more content…
She had a group with her and they were all undercover cops. They were all assigned a stand to knock down. Our meat was laid on the cardboard plank, and one slight push cause all the meat to fall to the ground. She, then, used her feet to immediately knock our products down. When she took her gun out, she pointed it straight towards mother. She said loudly, “Nobody move, everyone knees to the ground NOW.” We all shook of fear but followed what was asked of us. All the customers ran outside trying not to get caught. The woman then said, “if I hear anything from any of you, you all will be going to jail.” The flea market that used to be the loudest place on Earth, became as silent as caves. At that moment, my whole life flashed right before my eyes. She yelled, “FIRE!” She ordered her people to fire on us, the people trying to make a living by selling at the flea market. I watched her hand closely as she pointed her gun towards mother and slowly pulled the trigger. I witnessed my mother fall to the

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