My Darling Clementine Comparison

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The final shootouts between Taxi Driver and My Darling Clementine bear similarities despite a difference in tone and meaning. Contempt’s own use of firearms ends with Paul being disarmed. For Travis, his failure to kill Palantine leaves him with the only option to reclaim his male dignity. Earp leads his brother and Doc Holliday into the OK Corral with the intention of arrest, but preparation for killing. Ford portrays this through use of montage, shots MDC3a-b, Doc and Virgil Earp sneak around the back of the ranch. This isn’t High Noon, a center of town duel. This will be more chaotic and less honorable. In TD4a, Travis arrives at Sport’s stoop and shoots him quickly. The messiness of the shootout commences. In MDC3c, the Claytons fire at Earp, the horses in the holding in MDC3d-e get spooked, buck up and move around. Dust flies up into the air, obscures not just the…show more content…
One of the characteristics that distinguish a film or TV show shot in Toronto, but set in New York is the garbage. New York streets are filled with garbage and that litters every frame in the film. New York had become so vile according to Scorsese, that men like Travis have prepared themselves to clean up the streets in any way they wish to. Scorsese doesn’t condone their cations, but the film is shot in documentary style for a reason, that’s the reality of the world back then. The world had seen several assassinations and assassination attempts toward political figures and one, John Hinkley Jr. has cited Taxi Driver as a primary influence on him. That, however, was years after the film premiered, there is one assassin lost to history that likely was the influence on Travis Bickle. Arthur Bremer failed to kill Presidential candidate, George Wallace, but much like Travis, there was no ideological bent in his decision. His sole purpose was to achieve lasting fame for killing a

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