Role Model Of Eulogy For Morrie By Mitch Albom

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Mitch Albom has very quickly become a role model of mine, in a writer's point of view. The way he incorporates little things, and brings each character to life in my head, as I read the words on page, inspires me. Every once in awhile I would notice myself re-reading what he had said, and making a mental note, to think of this the next time I wrote. The way he described people, especially Morrie captivated me. The way he made Morrie so alive and well, on the cusp of death, shows his love and compassion for Morrie. He clearly saw past the dying body, and looked directly into the living mind. Mitch didn't care that Morrie couldn't move his legs. He said himself it took him weeks to realize he hadn't seen Morrie stand in 16 years. Morrie changed us all, in his little ways.…show more content…
He even inspired me to make up with a friend of mine, Kaitlin. Me and her we about as close as you could get last year, spilling every secret we had,everyone knew we were close. A couple months ago I said some very unreasonable and hurtful things to her, hurt by things she didn’t know affected me. I was content in not talking with her or even acknowledging her existence. Then I read this book. Even at 15, which is nowhere near a timely death, it made me feel my mortality. I've had dozens of adults tell me how much they regretted high school, because they were stubborn, or because they took everything more serious than it really was. And so taking the advice of nearly everyone, I made up with Kaitlin, Deciding that the air of coldness between us was irrational. This, while not the only way morrie changed my perspective, was probably the most

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