Rodger Waters 'Comfortably Numb': Poem Analysis

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“Comfortably Numb” is a work of incomparable beauty and depth, this song's greatness is not only encapsulated by the musical arrangement, but also by the breathtaking lyrics and their meaning. The origin for the idea for the song “Comfortably Numb” and the whole “The Wall” album, was born in Rodger Waters mind. Roger Waters took many inspirations from his life he and what he saw in other people. He wanted to create an inner wall, much like the fourth wall actors and actresses imagine in theater production. Would creating a fourth wall inside of Rodgers own mind allow him to grow in new ways musically? One of the major catalysts for the writing of the song “Comfortably Numb” occurred on the “Animals” tour. During a set Rodger Waters spat into the face of a fan who had tried to climb up on the stage towards the band. After the performance, Rodger waters retreated into a solemn introspective journey in which he started to build the wall.…show more content…
During the band first few albums Syd started to experiment with LSD predominantly. Syd Barretts madness was not an external explosion; loud, violent, or sudden. However it was a gradually crawl to the inevitable implosion that would consume Syd, and send him spiraling into reclusion. Slowly he went in to a schizophrenic psychosis. Triggered by preexisting dormant genes for schizophrenia. Syd had become a large burden to the band rather than a help. During many concerts Syd would play only one chord throughout an entire song, sometimes Syd would just stare at his guitar like he had never held one before in his life. After much frustration between the band and Syd they finally came to a mutual decision for Syd to leave the band due to mental illness. After Syd's departure the band struggled for the first couple months due to the fact that most of the new innovating music styles was the product of Syd's different way of

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