Robin Cook's Invasion

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The novel Invasion by Robin Cook is a book about aliens and outer space. The story begins with different people experiencing problems with their electronics; those problems being that they explode. The story then goes on to introduce us to Pitt, Beau, and Cassy. They had stopped at a diner before school and as Beau got out of his truck he tripped on something but didn’t think anything of it. When they all come out Pitt notices the “rock” and Beau picks it up, but it was not a rock, it was a little black disk. What they did not know was that anyone who touched the disk would be infected by the virus. The virus gives the infected person flu like symptoms but after a few hours they begin to feel better and have new energy. Once the first person is infected the disk sends a…show more content…
Sheila for help. The three finally realize that the disk is the carrier for the infection and take the information to the CDC, but when they get there they realize that the board at the CDC is infected as well. After this happens more people in the group with Cassy and Pitt are infected and Cassy is captured and taken to Beau who has been infected and become the leader of the infected group. Beau tells Cassy that the invasion had been planned for a very long time and the “virus activator protein” is sent to Earth to judge how suitable the inhabitants are to host the virus. The virus makes the hosts build a transporter to link Earth to the other planets that are infected by the virus to allow travel between those planets. Cassy is then infected but flees to find her friends to tell them what they are up against. Meanwhile the group has found Dr. M and come to find that he has been infected by the disk but had prevented the infection by injecting himself with a specific antibody. The group begins to experiment and realize that if they infect themselves with another virus will cause the disk’s virus to expose itself and the oxygen will destroy

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