Feudalism Vs Manorialism

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Feudalism and manorialism were created based on thoughts practiced by the Germans. German men were all military men. Being a strong military man was everything to the Germanic people. They did not have time to maintain their own land, so the had slaves to do the work on the field and women to do work in the household.German warriors thought maintaining their own land by working in the fields was not honorable. They believed, that if capable, the men should be warriors. Eventually, the Germanic people would take over the Romans. The Romans thought the Germans were barbaric people. It is thought that the term, "vassal," comes from relationships the German warriors had with one another in the military. Certain warriors would be like a mentor…show more content…
It is for the higher class. It is started because an area of land is regulated by a Lord for a king. The Lord is supposed to control the land, in order to support the King. Feudalism regulates the relationship between members of the nobility and the common people. Specifically, it regulates the homage (relationship) between Lord and Vassal. To become a vassal, one must show the Lord great respect by tipping his hat and telling the Lord he wants him to be his man. Next, the Vassal must swear his loyalty on a bible. This creates the feudal bond between a Lord and Vassal. Before a vassal is a vassal, they are a fief. A Lord offers a vassal land and protection. In return, the Vassal is to offer advice and military service whenever the Lord requires it. However, a Vassal can pay to get out of fighting for a Lord by using, Scutage, which is shield money. Vassals went through generations of families. A family would have one specific family they served for many generations. For example, a Lord may have a homage with one vassal he really likes and trusts. This Lord and Vassal may have sons ,whom carry that homage after they pass ,and so on and so on. The benefits for the vassals with this is that, they are allowed to stay on the land. The vassals then pass this land through generations. In return, the Lords gain vassals they believe they can

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