Riding Horses Is Not A Sport Essay

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3 Reasons Why Riding Horses Is NOT Horsing Around. Everyone thinks I am just horsing around when I am actually a World Champion athlete. It is a daily occurrence when I hear the horrible words I dread to hear… “What sport do you play?” and every time I have the same answer “I ride horses.” Every single time I get the ignorant answer of “Riding horses is not a sport all you do is sit here.” Well I can give you 3 reason why it is a sport and it better than the one you play. 1. My sport consist of at least a 1,200 pound animal The last time I checked in baseball you only have to deal with a ball and running fast. Football, yeah you have to deal with football plays, probably bigger than you, but at least yours can’t kill you. Can you communicate…show more content…
You compete with your whole region? That’s cute… In the horse industry there is something called the All American Quarter Horse Congress(OQHA.COM), that means nothing to you, right? Well let me go ahead a kill your ego, Congress is the world’s largest show, yeah I know what you’re thinking it’s probably like 50 people, try 18,000. We show with thousands of people just at one show, we have thousands of people all competing for one title every single weekend, you have one team. 3. You think 6 o’clock morning runs are hard, walk a day in my shoes and you will be begging to wake up at 6am While you are waking up for your morning run we have already been in the barn for three hours, tied to a stick, have been screamed at, and are getting ready for our second round of rides. I started the sport of riding horses at the age of eight where I spent my summers in Montgomery, Alabama being training to be a World Champion. The moto was, “If you are breathing, you better be working” and they considered sleeping as a privilege that we had to earn. You learn when your coach says, “Heals down, sit up, shoulders back, and put your chin up” he was not asking he was demanding. If you didn’t do those thing correcting a broom stick taught you how to real quick. What happens in your sport when you mess up? You get yelled at? How nice… I wish my coach was that

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