Grendel Accident Analysis

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At the end of the novel Grendel, Grendel says to himself as he dies “Poor Grendel’s had an accident… So may you all.” (Gardner 174). Grendel is saying that he’s made a mistake, and so will everyone else. He most likely wants people, and animals as well, to suffer like he did. For example, in chapter one, Grendel is invading Herot for the twelfth year, and he says “I hear the people praying-whimpering, whining, mumbling, pleading-to their numerous sticks and stones” (Gardner 13). The people from Herot are in pain due to Grendel killing their loved ones once again. They feel the agony Grendel has been feeling for many years up till his death. Moreover, it’s not just the people that should experience an accident, it should also be the animals

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