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In 2002, we had a race between Rick Green, an all-natural republican, and Patrick Rose, a democrat, for Texas state representative. This documentary shows the two diverse opinions of Green and Rose while running against each other in the perfect example of what campaigning is all about in Texas. Now being a democrat in Texas is already a tough one and especially if you’re one running for Texas state representative. Patrick Rose, a 29 year old democrat, already had the odds put against him and being a business owner was not going to change the voter’s minds about how young and unexperienced he was. So the way Rose campaigned was one of a liberal by wanting positive engagements from government to improve the prosperity of individual’s government…show more content…
Also having experience from the prior term did not help in favor for his opponent. Different from Rose’s way of campaigning, Rick Green had sponsorship, advertisement, radio time, and even infomercials for his campaign. Sadly, along with these came controversy over a health supplement infomercial and the release of a man that was convicted of defrauding investors who so happened to loan money to green’s company. Almost costing Green to slip out of the race, but still he stood strong throughout the race even with these allegations. Rick Green’s way of campaigning was a conservative one by his beliefs in a narrow role of government in economic regulation, providing public services, and taxation. In his support of traditional values, Green talks about separation of church and state in his local church. Getting his religious values into his campaign, all the while getting local votes. Different from Rose on the issue of children health insurance, Green believed that it was the people’s responsibility to attain health insurance and be able to take care of themselves. His point was that we shouldn’t have our licensed physicians seeing every patient with a bump or booboo because that would only waste the tax payer’s money. I can personally see this as an issue due to people over use of government

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