Richard Wright's The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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In Richard Wright’s, “The Man Who Was Almost a Man”, there is a man named Dave Saunders, who struggles with the desire to own a gun because he thinks it will make him more of a man. He wants to prove to his fellow farmhands that he is not this little boy that they like to treat him like. This story is based on this young man and his life to prove him a grown man like his fellow farmhands. Dave is suffering with the racial hardship. This story demonstrates how through the years white men have always had an advantage over the black men. In the beginning of the story, Dave is vulnerable to how white men have more power and money and because of this he will never be able to reach his full potential. Dave sees his life as humiliating and abused.…show more content…
Even though he does not know how to operate a firearm he still feels the need to own one. Dave believes that by him owning the gun it is going to get him out of working in the fields and he will gain better opportunities because of it. He is in his late teens and is trying to be recognized by the world that he is entering manhood. He thinks it is extremely important to be respected as a man. He does not feel that he has ever had the opportunity to be treated as a man. The men that he works with in the fields, they treat him like he is young and stupid. Dave feels that his manhood is being ignored and by him buying a gun and using it to prove he is a man. The people that Dave talks to in the story are only putting gas on the fire because they are not helping the situation by still treating him as if he is a little boy. It is only making his desire to own a gun even higher. After not long owning the gun, Dave screws up by accidentally shooting and killing one of Mr. Hawkins’ mules. Since this happened, he now had to work for a couple of years to pay back Mr. Hawkins for killing his mule. This resulted in him still being treated like a young boy because of his careless

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