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Life after Berea The fear of not having a job or post education lined up after graduation is always a relevant fear for college students to have. At Thursday’s convocation with three alumni, they shared with us that it is okay to not have your next path lined right up or to make spur of the moment decisions. The panel of alumni including the following people: Jarrod Brown, a psychology professor at Berea College; Alexander Gibson, former lawyer and current executive director of Apple Shop; and Lauren Roth, family physician. What was most interesting about the three alumni is that they all ended up having careers that service others. They also gave some very valuable advice to the current students of Berea to take with them throughout their…show more content…
Alexander Gibson said, “I remember crying at the amount of homework that was expected of you.” There are several times when I find myself really relating to this statement, but after hearing all of their stories, especially Lauren Roth’s, I know that all my hard work will be worth it in the end. Lauren Roth graduated from Berea with a major unrelated to the sciences. After two years, she decided that she wanted to be a doctor; it was the professors at Berea that that got her into a graduate school to pursue her plans of becoming a doctor. Roth’s advice for this was to “make yourself a part of this place [Berea].” The connections that one can make at Berea is almost endless because of the level of connections that the faculty and staff have. I learned that it is okay to not be a straight A student, but it is not okay to slack off or not work hard. There is no possible way for a student to get through Berea College without working hard; this does

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