Reverend Brown: Loss Of Faith

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Bert Cates was just a young teacher in the small, quiet town of Hillsboro, a very religious town. He was sent to jail for teaching evolution in the school, a crime that is taken very seriously. Bert had violated religion, and to the people, he needed to be sent away. Matthew Harrison Brady was called in by the people to send him away for good. But Cates had a secret weapon, Henry Drummond. Drummond was a well respected defense attorney and knew what he was doing. Although Brady made great points in his argument, it was the mistakes in thinking he made that would lead to his demise in the debate. If Brady had more knowledge of the other topic and didn't argue from ignorance, he would have been able to defeat Drummond with ease, not as close as it was. “We must not abandon faith! Faith is the most important thing!” That is a quote from Matthew Harrison Brady. This quote shows one of Brady's first mistakes in his thinking. He is telling people to not give up on faith, but it…show more content…
Reverend Brown, being a man from the bible, prefered the stories over the facts, which is one of the worst mistakes one can make. Reverend Brown oversimplified in the story and put things in extreme preportions. He said (about Cates) “Oh, Lord of the tempest and the thunder, strike down this sinner, as thou did thine enemies of old in the days of the Pharaohs! Let him know the terror of thy sword! Let his soul, for all eternity, writhe in anguish and damnation!” Brown also prefered the bible stories over the facts of evolution. He said “Lord, we call down the same curse on those who ask grace for this sinner, though they blood of my blood, and flesh of my flesh!” This was said to his own daughter because she believed in evolution, and was on burts side. He also seeked to confirm many times in the book because he claimed the bible couldn't be

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