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AN ANALYTICAL STUDY ON PSYCHOLOGICAL EMPOWERMENT OF EMPLOYEES IN CHAIN RESTAURANTS IN CHENNAI 1. INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of hotels is to provide travelers with shelter, food, refreshment, and similar services and goods, offering on a commercial basis things that are customarily furnished within households but unavailable to people on a journey away from home. Historically hotels have also taken on many other functions, serving as business exchanges, centers of sociability, places of public assembly and deliberation, decorative showcases, political headquarters, vacation spots, and permanent residences. The hotel as an institution, and hotels as an industry, transformed and hastened the settlement of the continent, and extended…show more content…
To the best of our knowledge, there is no related study which consists of these variables, namely self esteem, work environment, psychological empowerment, perquisite, employees performance, job satisfaction, of this study in the literature. Many emplical studies about restaurant sectors are conducted in the USA (Ramesh & Gelfand 2010) and retention of service employees (Michael et al,20011) service quality (Min&Min,2011) were the main focus areas. In addition the perquisite has been added to increase the employees performance and satisfaction in the hospitality…show more content…
When pertaining to a place of employment the work environment involves the physical geographical location as well as the immediate surroundings of the workplace, such as a construction site or office building. Typically involves other factors relating to the place of employment, such as the quality of the air,noise level, and additional perks and benefits of employment such as free child care or unlimited coffee, or adequate parking. Smith and Mackie (2007) PSYCHOLOGICAL EMPOWERMENT (PE) Psychological Empowerment has been operationalised as an individual’s cognitive state characterized by a sense of perceived control, competence, and goal internalization. PE is thus considered as a multi-faceted construct reflecting the different dimensions of being psychologically enabled, and is conceived of as a positive integrate of perceptions of personal control, a proactive approach to life, and a critical understanding of the socio-political environment, which is rooted firmly in a social action framework that includes community change, capacity building, and collectivity.(Oladipo,S.E. 2009) EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE

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