Response Letter To Zeitoun

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Dear Principal Belzer, I am a student of your highly acclaimed institution studying as a junior in AP Language and Composition. Over the summer, incoming AP English students such as myself, had to read the nonfiction novel Zeitoun; a national bestseller written by Dave Eggers, which focuses on the life of a devout Muslim-American, Abdulrahman Zeitoun who struggles with the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina and the anti-Muslim sentiment in America. However, a few years after Zeitoun was published, several allegations were made against Zeitoun accusing him of domestic abuse and attempting to murder his wife, Kathy and her son. There has been controversy surrounding Zeitoun and whether or not it should be taught at schools after his alleged actions. However, I believe that it is influential for students to read and be taught about Zeitoun for its enriching educational purposes and valuable life guidance.…show more content…
Rhetorical tactics such as emotional appeals, ethical appeals, logical appeals, and imagery assisted Eggers’ intent to create a deep, emotional bond between the audience and Zeitoun’s life in order to alter society’s perception of the Muslim Community. Students will be able to utilize such tactics in their own writing in order to make it stronger and effective. Although Zeitoun’s allegations damaged Eggers’ credibility, his message is still very much profound. As the reality of domestic abuse and islamophobia is still present today, the novel shines light on potential discussions students can have with their teachers. My classmates and I were very much inspired by his book and I believe that it validates what Egger’s was trying to accomplish when first writing

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