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Flaccid Jacket Review - Does it Have Benefits? Is It Really Worth It? Read Review to find out! It has, over the years, been a common saying that the larger a man’s member is, the more enjoyable/satisfactory a sexual encounter will be to his partner. Several people believe this and I think I do as well. But most men, if I may say, were not lucky enough to have the penis size they wish to have and as a result resorted to an alternative approach to solving the problem using one penis enlargement product/program or the other. The Flaccid Jacket is a penis enlargement under-garment that claims to give us the penis size we desire. From the product’s official website, I sensed they have relevant information to back up their claims. Maybe or not!…show more content…
Flaccid Jacket is marketed as a comfortable constriction ban for penis enlargement. It promotes to prevent the shrinking of men’s penis to their bare minimum level while allowing the flow of blood through the penis. It is described as male penis enlargement undergarment and it claims to achieve the following: support a more lengthened flaccid penis, permanently enlarge men’s bare minimum flaccid penis length, provides comfort during P.E activities, relief users from some prostate/urinary problems, makes users gain confidence and retraction due to penis surgery. According to the manufacturer’s description of the Flaccid Jacket in the product’s official website, it can be cut to get the length we desire and is designed in such a way that will be sizeable by people with either small or big penis size. According to them, Flaccid Jacket does not disturb urine flow and can be used while taking supplements containing L-arginine for a quicker penis gain. The Flaccid Jacket and a similar product Uri-Ban, though promote different concerns, are equally safe and effective. Flaccid Jacket is specifically for the permanent enlargement and elongation of the

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