Reliance Refinery Case Study

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Reliance Refinery at Jamnagar, Gujarat is one of the largest manufacturing projects taken up in India. The plant consists of a petroleum refinery complex and an aromatics/petrochemical complex.It also has a power generation complex and a port and terminal complex. The terminal complex connects the plant to an external pipeline network. All the areas are efficiently integrated, which delivers higher efficiencies and minimized losses at the plant, making it one of the best in the world. Location: It is located at a village Motikhavdi, Lalpur Taluka, Jamnagar District, in the state of Gujarat, on the northwest coast. Once can reach it by road from Mumbai, which is 815 kilometers from the refinery. Also one can reach from Jamnagar, which is approximately…show more content…
75,000 construction workers worked round the clock for months, employing highly innovative techniques since the plannign and all throguh the execution. The project was completed in 3 months which is a record time. Millions of engineering hours spread over offices world hour, equipment of large sizes, automation of previously unseen scale, best materials from the best suppliers int he world went into the construction of one of the best refineries in the…show more content…
This is completely integrated with the downstream unis of RIL petrochemical units. These units manufacture propylene-based polymers as well as naphtha-base aromatics. There are adequate fully developed facilities for generation of power and steam, also supported by the facilities of the port and international standard logistic facilities. Process of refining: There are more than 50 processing units ar the refinery complex. They all process the feedstock, which gets converted into different finished outputs using complex refining processes. Crude oil distillation: This stage consists of both atmospheric as well as vacuum distillation Catalytic cracking: A fluidised catalytic cracker is used at Reliance Jamnagar for this process Catalytic reforming: The process of platforming takes place in this step of refining Delayed coke: This is the last stage of refining of the crude oil before converting it into various finished

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