Relationship Between Winston And Julia In 1984 By George Orwell

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The passage above shows the outcome that torture had in Winston and Julia and how they both have been changed by Big Brother. Orwell uses imagery and well explained details throughout the book in order to develop a proper understanding of the setting and characters. The imagery helps the readers visualize what the characters are going through, especially Winston and Julia. Winston, the main character, goes through many levels of both beauty and torture in the novel due to his inability to obey Big Brother’s totalitarian norms. Julia, in the other hand, knows how to break the rules without the Thought Police finding out. Julia knew that Winston offered her as a trade for him not being the rats, but she understands him. Both of them had belief standards that weren’t supposed to be broken down by…show more content…
Winston “did not attempt” anything with Julia after they were released. However, after many “dislike” gazes, Julia tries to speak to Winston. Both of them look different. Both of them know what they said in Room 101. From the beginning of the story, Winston seemed to hate Julia, especially because he couldn’t have her. Now that they both know the consequences of breaking the rules, they know that being strangers is the best decision. Winston went from hating her because he couldn’t have her to disliking her because he had her and couldn’t have her again. The silence of both of them shows that they know the mistakes they made and that any initial feeling is likely gone and devoured with the pain. The “two iron chains” symbolizes Big brothers heart and power: it cannot be broken down or torn apart. Also, it shows that anything that stands in Big Brother’s way, he will tear it down before it tears him. That’s what happened to Winston; he was trying to protest against him, but before he could do it, the government destroyed him and what he loved the

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