Reinman Against The Death Penalty Summary

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How do you know for sure that the death penalty is the right way punishment? The death penalty is a very sensitive subject that can be seen in two ways; a good type of punishment or a bad type of punishment. Reinman states in his article “Against the Death Penalty”; “If the government can reduce people’s tolerance for cruelty without acting unjustly, it should”. Reinman believes this premises because he believes that the government should set an example of what society should act like. The government contradicts their views on “killing “with the death penalty by killing a criminal even though they have killed. By refraining from the death penalty even for those criminals that deserve it we are setting a good example because by not torturing…show more content…
He believes that execution is similar, although not completely the same as torture. They are similar for two reason which include, intense pain and the fact that one person has complete power over another person. Execution experiences not only physical pain, but also psychological pain, which can sometimes be harder on some people. Reinman believes that people would rather die from nature causes and/or a sudden death, then from human causes and/or a foreseen death. When you execute someone it is not fair that they do not have “control over their death”. A death from execution has both worse things, a death that is foreseen since it normally has a date, and it will be controlled by another human instead of a natural forces. There has been studies that show no greater number of homicides from sates without the death penalty and then states that refrain from it. If the government refrains from the death penalty, even from those who deserve it, in the long run we will deter murder, and make our society

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