Reflection Of Al-Razi's View On The State Of Evil

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WRITEUP! >.< PASSION: Al-Razi said that man should know his deficiencies. So to get know them he should sue to a sensible or a decent friend, who will let an individual know about his faults.He should get an information about what other people his neighbours and his friends think of him. In the light of passion Al-Razi pivot on two exposition; 1.On knowing one’s own defects. 2. How good people benefit from their enemies. PLEASURE: He explains pleasure as a short-lived state-of-being. A transitory state between pain and equilibrium, or as he calls it, a “state-of-nature”. Pleasure consists simply of the restoration of that condition which was expelled by the element of pain, while passing from one’s actual state until one returns to the state…show more content…
It is of two types first is for good and the second is for an evil. If it is done having a good intentions then it merits praise if it is not then this will be sinful. MISERY: This can not be fully is depend on the situations. If it si due to fear of poverty and also the future then it’s not bad,But if it’s for only satisfaction of accession then it’s bad. There must be a reason of some misery if it is valid then it is vice otherwise it is not. WORRY: Al-Razi said that to take tensions or to worry on small things is not good for health. One should worry without a good reason. If it is then it will lead to hallucination, melancholy and early withering etc. CUPLDITY: It is a very bad condition which brings pain and harm. Drunkenness is one of the evil dispositions that bring those indulging it to ruin, calamity and all kinds of sickness. This is because the excessive drinker is imminently liable to apoplexy and asphyxia, that filling of the inner heart which induces sudden death. COPULATION: When copulation surplus then it is not good for the body as it causes early senility,weakness and many other ills. An individual should appease in it as little but not lead to excess because it is

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