Red-Curled Catfish Research Paper

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The South- African Red-Tailed Catfish The South-African Red-Tailed Catfish is a very interesting animal with a lot of cool features and habits.There are 3,000 known catfish species, but some scientists think there over 4,000 catfish species. Like other fish, the SARTC is very unique in many ways. The average length of the SARTC is 5ft 134cm and the average height is 2 ft 5 cm.The average weight is 123 pounds. The SARTC has a white belly and blue upper-body skin.The SARTC comes in many sizes and has small blue eyes. The SARTC are animals that like to hide so some information about them are limited.Information about reproduction and parental care are unknown.There is one SARTC every 6,000 Liters.With limited information, scientists think that

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