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From the way we communicate with others, to the way we get around, technology is around us each and every day. It has become a huge part of our society, and nowadays millions of people solely rely on it. The digital world has engulfed and oversaturated our society to a point where people can no longer perform basic tasks without some help from technology. Things like cooking, driving, and communicating are all performed by using technology, so I decided to conduct an experiment where I would have no access to technology for 24 hours. I though that it was best to conduct the experiment in my house during spring break. Compared to my dorm, my house has a lot more electronic devices, so the temptation to use any of them would be higher rather than conducting the experiment in my small dorm room. Also, I did not want to bother my roommate with the experiment because she would eventually want the lights turned on once it got dark outside. Conducting the experiment was extremely difficult in the morning because my mother, father, and sister were all at work. This definitely affected my results because I was left alone with my thoughts for most of the day. I could not talk to anyone over the phone or text my friends, so being in my house compared to my dorm was much more difficult. While the setting of the experiment…show more content…
I am constantly on my phone during school, often shutting myself out from social interaction, and it is no different at home. On top of that, I love video games, so when I am home I spend most of my time in the basement because I am unable to bring my gaming consoles to Mercyhurst. Even though I miss my parents, when I am on break I often interact less with them because I am so glued to my cellphone and gaming console. By having no access to any technology for 24 hours, this showed that I should learn to appreciate my family and try to talk to them more often when I am

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