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Pocahontas Pocahontas many of us know Pocahontas from the movie Pocahontas created by Disney. Many may think that she is a princess of the Powhatan people. We think she was an innocent girl who fell in love with John Smith while he was in a settlement in Virginia looking for gold. As I learned more about her real life, I learned that Pocahontas’s story is so much distinct than the way Disney pictures it. Pocahontas was born estimated in the year of 1595. In spite of her mother’s unknown identity she is the daughter of Chief Powhatan. As a young child in her community she lived a typical childhood for a girl in Tsenacommacah. Pocahontas was one of the favorites of her father. She was one of his delight and darling. As a young women she learned…show more content…
The Englishmen hag many encounters with the Tsenacommacah Indians. In December of 1607, while John was exploring the Chickahominy River he was captured by a hunting party of the Opechancanough and was taken to Powhatans home. In his writings Smith explained that a hefty feast took place. After the feast John Smith and Powhatan had a talk. In one of Smiths account he explained in his letter that seconds before his execution Pocahontas saved his soul and prevailed with her father. Two years later in 1609 Smith was returned to England for medical…show more content…
A minister named Alexander Whitaker advised Pocahontas to Christianity. Alexander thought her how to improve her English while reading the bible. The minister later baptized Pocahontas and gave her a Christian name Rebecca. Alexander got the name Rebecca from the Book of Genesis, Rebecca was the mother of Jacob and Esau also the mother of two nations. While with the English violence broke out in March of 1614 with the Powhatan men. The English authorized Pocahontas to speak to her father which in English sources she told he father that she wished to remain with the English than to return

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