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Women’s prejudice Sexism or sex discrimination, a term that appeared in mid-20th century, is a form of belief or attitude that one gender is inferior, less capable and less value. This term is used mostly to refer to male dominate over women. The fight against gender discrimination, the center is the feminist movement takes many diverse. Many critics have criticized the different characteristics between men and women have led to the division of roles in society, family, business or politics. In Girl by Kincaid, a mother tries to teach her daughter the way to survive and face the real life. It reflects a picture of the old society to women. Throughout history, there are many thoughts that men and women have specific roles in the social category, in which men usually assigned to…show more content…
Mother discusses with her daughter: “This is how to smile to someone you like; How to set a table for tea; for diner; for breakfast…” (Kincaid 927). It shows how mothers and daughters interact in society. With the instruction, the girl is being trained how to improve herself be more productively. Home and Society are completely difference. At home, she could relax and work on the things that she wants, but not in society. In there, people have to follow to the world instruction. People will estimate the way she looks, her actions, and her works. They will comments, and those can pull her up to the heaven or push her down to the hell. There are no rules, but want to survive, she needs to prepare to deal with all stuffs that she will faces when walking out the society. Peer pressure would come and may change her personality, so mother warns: “Don’t pick people’s flowers-you might catch something; don’t throw stones at blackbirds, because it might not be a blackbird at all” (Kincaid 927). She needs to be herself and not a partaker with someone to give a prejudice to a person or thing. She has to have her own point of

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