Analyzing Gerard Klein's 'Valley Of Echoes'

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Valley of Echoes Gerard Klein’s Valley of Echoes tells of a group of scientists exploring the planet Mars. The three explorers, the narrator, La Salle, and Ferrier have been sent to try and find signs of civilisation, current or former, on the surface of Mars. The narrator describes how, on Earth, they are regarded as heroes, but in all reality, their work really just consists of boring, long stretches of driving tractors across the surface of Mars. The team is not fond of the isolation of Mars, but none are eager to return to Earth, as it is going through a great deal of insanity. One day, the group finds a great cliff from which they here whispers. Excited that they may have finally found signs of civilisation, they follow the sounds of the whispers into a valley within the cliff. Once they reach the valley, they realise the sounds are echos. In an otherwise silent planet, this valley keeps the echos of voices of the past. Ferrier runs forward into the valley, but by disturbing the environment, he causes the echoes to fade, and there is silence again. Party Line Gerard Klein’s Party Line tells the story of the writer Jerome Bosch and the effects of time travel. The story starts with Jerome getting two phone calls at 9:05am and him…show more content…
The narrator tells the aliens that her people are shy and stay indoors a lot. She explains how humans stand on two legs, have two arms, hands and hair. She describes males and females as pronged people and cavern people, then explaining that she is a cavern person. She also explains copulation and observes that the aliens engage in similar practices. She describes sunsets, sun tanning, trees and leaves. She then describes sleep and death, a concept many aliens have not heard of. She ends with stating she will never say “take me to your leaders” but instead asks them to take her to their trees, breakfasts, sunsets, and

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