Racket Sports Case Study

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Survey results Figure 1 demonstrates the ranking of Lingnan University students’ favourite sports. Most of the students prefer ball sports which has over 15 students put it in the first place. Although the popularity of racket sports is slightly lower than ball sports, it seems to be the most favourite sports among these 4 kinds of sports. There are above 40 students in total ranking racket sports as top 3 favourite sports and it is the least dislikable sports. In terms of popularity, however, water sports are at the bottom between other sports. The number of students rank it in the 5th that is a double of aerobics, even a triple of racket sports. Figure 2 reflects the causes of students doing exercise. Obviously, approximately one-third…show more content…
Nearly ninety percent of students agree that the entrance or booking fee for the sports facilities is quite reasonable at the university. For examples, just 10 dollars per hour for badminton court and only 3 dollars for each time going to gym room. Nonetheless, roughly fifty percent of the students is willing to pay for that. Perhaps, they have distinct reasons or concerns of not using those facilities, money issue may be one of them. Despite the reasonable entrance or booking fee that is required, students do not consider that is worthy. This can link to the results of the numbers of students joining university sports team or hostel team. Close to seventy percent of students do not join any sports team, explaining that they are most likely do not know the policy of sports team. Since all the sports team member do not require to the entrance fee for going to gym room, the members are encouraged to do more exercises. If the respondents know this policy, they will probably have a higher incentive to become a sports team member and engage in sports

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