Quentin Tarantino's Career In Pulp Fiction

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Pulp Fiction Quentin Tarantino helped with Samuel L. Jackson’s career by having him play a significant role in this movie. Pulp Fiction is a suspenseful Crime-Drama based off of drug cartel that depicts woman being used for sex, the power of money, and the control that a single man has. To begin with is the fact that woman are okay with mobsters using their body for sex to get what they want in the world. Why I say this? Because of the fact that Marcellus Wallace was always using Mia Wallace for sex with his workers and to receive cocaine so that he can import it and sell it on the streets . He was a powerful man that his wife feared so when he told her it was time to work she already knew what that meant. She would get dressed up ,…show more content…
To start with he was strong with his words and actions. What he said, he meant it . It clearly shows at the ending of the movie after he killed that cop who was raping him when him and Butch was fighting in the pawn shop after Marcellus spotted Butch and shot at him . Earlier in the movie though in the beginning when Julius and Vincent were sent to the guys house by Marcellus to kill them after they got all the information they needed to go forward and find this briefcase that contained the cartels life and all the money that they could possibly get . Right, then , and there I knew he was powerful while being a demanding human being who meant what he said . He has the power to get you to leave town if he wanted to . I mean it clearly shows when he told Butch to leave town after Butch sliced the pawn shop owner’s head off because he was a part of the 2 raping Butch and Marcellus. Butch didn’t even have to do that, he just did it because he was terrified and knew that Marcellus and his cartel were very powerful and would’ve went after Butches girlfriend so his only option was to win over the strongest man’s heart over at the time so he can be forgiven and relieved that Marcellus wouldn’t be looking for him anymore and would’ve clearly left him alone. Even though he was married to Mia it seemed as if he didn’t care about the marriage . She was basically just there for sex and to bring in money . He knew he was able to do anything to her and she wouldn’t mind because she was terrified of him just like everybody else in the town was . Mia got used for his workers going on dates with her , getting high so they can have sex with her , and to have sex with other cartel members for Intel or money . She was ran by Marcellus even though they were married . She didn’t mind though because he took good care of

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