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The Life and History of a Quartermaster Officer Savanna Sanchez Ms. Allison Dawson Honors English IV Wilkinson County High School November 26, 2014 Abstract A Quartermaster is an Army Officer who is responsible for making sure that soldiers have the needed equipment and materials ready and in working order at all times. Quartermasters deal in Logistics. They are soldiers who take care of general supplies delivery, field services, such as, aerial delivery and shower repairs, laundry and textile repairs, food and materials distribution, petroleum and water, and mortuary affairs. The Quartermaster Corps has been around since early 1775. With the creation of the Quartermaster Corps creation, the Logistics portion of the Army has been very successful…show more content…
As an officer alone, you must be prepared for anything. Some of the functions of a Quartermaster Officer are the distribution of foods and services to soldiers and units, mortuary affairs, petroleum and water supplies, field services and material and distribution management. A Quartermaster basically deals with the logistics part of the military. They distribute supplies of a variety of resources throughout the particular branch of the military. Quartermasters also deal with mortuary affairs and taking care of the arrangements of deceased soldier’s burials. Aside from the current functions of a Quartermaster, there are some that are no longer in place. These functions have been given to other then newly established jobs (MOSs). There is military transportation which was given to the Transportation Corps in 1942. In the early 1940s, the Corps of Engineers received the job of construction. The training of dogs was given to the Corps of Military Police in 1951. Lastly, the Adjutant General Corps was given military heraldy. A Quartermaster is in charge of training soldiers and all of the members of other services and nations in the knowledge of Quartermaster skills. The organizations within the Quartermaster Corps are: the Mortuary Affairs Unit, Water, Field Service, General Supply, Aerial Delivery, and Petroleum Supply and Petroleum Pipeline. All of the officers in the Army have similar…show more content…
You work and you have great benefits. The Army’s benefits are in a lot of ways better than a civilian job. There are allowances for most anything, great pay, retirement, and travel. The Army pays for you to further your education, gives you clothing and food allowances, and even cheap insurance. The opinion of many is that being an Army soldier is that it is easier than a civilian job. The daily duties are usually the same, and you only work part of the day for the most part. There are 30 days of paid vacation given with 2.5 days gained each month. After 20 years of service, you can retire with full benefits. For a 2nd Lt. with two years of service you make about $3024.00 per month base pay, not including allowances, and after three years is would raise to about $3655.00. You get to travel all over the world, and experience different cultures. Officers are able to stay in nice homes, while lower grade enlisted soldiers stay in the barracks. If you dab into the details of the job you would be very

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