Psychoeducational Intervention: A Case Study

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This study conducted to evaluate the efficacy of a psychoeducational intervention, the PRO-SELF Pain Control Program compared with control, to increase Family Caregivers’ (FCs’) knowledge of cancer pain management to achieve optimal pain control for the patients. The trial included a total of 179 cancer patients with bone metastasis and 112 caregivers, (60% females). The Pro- Self group (n= 8) and the control group (n= 92). The FCs completed questionnaires that included, demographics and Family Pain Questionnaire (FPQ). The FPQ were completed at the beginning of the study and repeated at the end of the study, 6 weeks later. The PRO-Self group had an oncology nurse who visited them at weeks 1, 3 and 6 and conducted interviews over the phones

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