Ps4 Vs Xbox One Comparison

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The War of Consoles In all deep corners of the internet, there has been a war waging between the two new video game rivalries. The consoles consist of the latest Sony product, the PlayStation 4, and the latest Microsoft product, the Xbox One. On the internet, critics compare the two consoles with visual capabilities, hardware specifications, how the controller is made, and so on. This essay is the contrast and the comparison of the PS4 and the Xbox One. To compare the two consoles, a person should look at how they are similar. First, one of the biggest things how the two consoles are comparable is that they are video game consoles and are made for one main purpose; to play video games. Another similarity for both consoles is the ability that both are able to become a Blu-ray/DVD player. This increases the appeal to consumers. A…show more content…
The controllers are some of the most controversial topics of the ‘console’ war. Some people like one over the other, the PS4 controllers are thinner and weighs less than that of the Xbox One controller. It also has a touch pad on the controller itself. A difference in the controllers also is that the Xbox One controller takes batteries to charge the remote while the PS4 controller is charged by a cable. Another difference in the two consoles is the ability to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One which is an important factor for gamers while the PS4 doesn’t have the ability to play PS3 games. The most deciding factor for video games is the cost. The PS4 can cost anywhere from $350.00 to $399.99 while, the Xbox One can cost from $300.00 to $399.99. There isn’t much difference in the prices only about $50.00, but when the Xbox One was released it cost a whopping $499.99. From the sales viewpoint of the two consoles, the PS4 has dominated the sales with 22 million consoles sold from the beginning of its lifetime, with Microsoft’s console trailing at 12.8

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