It's Kind Of A Funny Story By Ned Vizzini

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a book written by the author Ned Vizzini. This story follows a high school boy named Craig Gilner, a freshman at Executive PreProfessional high school. Craig scores perfectly after compulsively studying months before his entrance exam into this high-status school. After he’s accepted, Craig begins slacking on his work and soon becomes depressed. Hiding his depression from all of his friends Craig’s family is very supportive. Craig’s parents have gotten him many forms of help yet he still never seems to get well. He calls his problems “tentacles” and the things that make him feel good temporarily “anchors”. With is high anxiety it becomes very difficult to excel in his academic and social life; meanwhile Craig’s…show more content…
When the night he has planned for finally comes he decides against it, Craig wants to live. He calls the Suicide Hotline and gets the directions to seek help immediately. He checks himself into the closest emergency room. Doctors suggest he stay in an adult psychiatric unit called 6 North. From there Craig is put on suicide watch and put into a room. After only being in the hospital for a few days Craig meets some very interesting people. Muqtada, his roommate, doesn’t like to get out of bed or enjoy any activities with the other patients. Humble is Craig’s first friend, he tells him everything he needs to know about 6 North and the others staying there. His specific interest is in a girl named Noelle. Noelle and Craig have a lot in common and eventually grow to have feelings for each other. When he’s finally omitted from the hospital he has developed a romantic relationship With Noelle. His relationship has enabled him to see things differently, feeling happy and being more confident. He realizes he has so much to live for and is excited to start his life again. Instead of going back to his nerve-racking school he decides to transfer to a different high school and focus more on his art. Craig now looks forward to his life, new friends, and all the events to

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