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The EXCOMM came together and came up with six possible actions that they could take. The first option is to blind side this whole crisis and not do anything. The US will allow the Soviet Union to have missiles in Cuba because they were already vulnerable to the missile located in the Soviet Union. Another mission was diplomacy. They could use their government officials to negotiate a plan where everyone walks away unharmed. A third option was taking a secret approach. They could offer Castro, the dictator of Cuba, the choice of getting splitted with the Russians or being invaded behind closed doors. The fourth option was a full scale invasion. The US could invade Cuba and get rid of all of leadership there, giving full control of Cuba over…show more content…
With blockading, the US Navy could block off any more missile imports that are arriving to Cuba. With lots of people disagreeing they could not get to a final decision because all of these options has great pros and cons. But on October 18th, 1962, President Kennedy met with the the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Soviet Union. The Prime Minister asserted that the missiles were strictly for the defense of Cuba and will not cause any harm to anyone. Not wanting to create panic in the public, President Kennedy made sure everything that was related to this crisis quiet and private. By October 19th, frequent U-2 spy planes projected that there were four operational missile sites. With high alert the US military enforced a blockade of Cuba and was told to be ready to invade anytime. Before EXCOMM decided on the blockade, they faced a problem. A blockade is an act of war. If the US decided to blockade, legally speaking, it could start a war with Soviet Union. With the help of Admiral Anderson, a chief of Naval operations, President Kennedy came up with a plan to “quarantine” Cuba from all dangerous weapons and materials. Putting Cuba on quarantine differed from blockade because there isn't an act of aggression or

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