Pros And Cons Of Electoral Reform

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The law Ministry is' examining an Election Commission proposal for restoration of pre- 1975 position regarding automatic disqualification of a person found guilty of corrupt practice. The Commission has recommended that a person convicted for such an offence should automatically incur disqualification for a period of six years. It has further suggested that conviction for any electoral offence should also automatically result in disqualification for six years both for voting and contesting election to Parliament and State Legislatures. In its recent proposals to the Government, the Commission has recommended that any prosecution launched in respect of any electoral offence under the Indian Penal Code or the Representation of People Act 1951,…show more content…
1,000 to imprisonment up to three months and fine. This offence is also proposed to be made cognizable. The Commission has however recommended that in addition to it, there should be a complete ban on plying of vehicles, on the day of poll except public transport vehicles, vehicles, for maintaining essential supplies and services and private vehicles authorized by the Commission. It has suggested seizure of the vehicles being unauthorized used in contravention of the…show more content…
Few changes are needed in the electoral laws and the Constitution to disable political parties pursuing a communal agenda from entering the political arena. According to the latest information the Government has set in motion its plans to bring forward legislation aimed at eliminating the use of religion for electoral purposes. In this connection it is proposed to introduce a code of conduct for political parties which will list dose and don'ts not just during election campaigns, but for all times. The use of any kind of religious appeal, including symbols, names of Gods and Goddesses and related slogans will attract penal provisions of the new rules that are currently being

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