Propaganda In Saving Private Ryan

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Steven Spielberg is best known for his extraordinary work as a film director. He has been responsible for countless hit movies. He can add another one to his hit list with “Saving Private Ryan.” This is a war film set in the European battlefields in the year 1944. Tom Hanks stars as Captain John H. Miller of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This gives us a new perspective on Tom Hank’s acting capabilities. His character is given an order by the Army Chief of Staff to locate and bring back Private Ryan (Matt Damon). The reason he is ordered to do this is because Pvt. Ryan’s three other brothers have been killed in action. That makes Pvt. Ryan the only remaining child in his family. For propaganda reasons and to prevent a devastating fourth death letter to…show more content…
Miller to gather men and conduct a mission to locate him and bring him back safely. This film is not for the faint hearted and they make that very clear from the start. The opening sequence of this film is simply one of the most graphic and realistic depictions of war to ever be filmed. The camera that captures the action is shaky and it creates a feeling as if you are a soldier on the battlefield alongside them. As I began watching this scene I became baffled as I remembered that this kind of violence actually happened in our history. Thousands of very young soldiers were jammed into these specially made Higgins boats like sardines. The soldiers; trembling and vomiting as they began to approach the beach. This makes it very clear that these soldiers have no prior combat experience and are not prepared for what’s ahead of them. They are nervous as the fear of death strikes them. As soon as they open the boats hatch and begin to let soldiers out an array of noise fills your ears from the gunfire and explosions. The battle scene that continues is filled

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