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NAME: ANISH KUMAR SAHA REG NO: 15BEE0209 Slot: A2 DIGITAL ASSIGNMENT-1 FOOD CHAINS, FOOD CHAIN IN POND, LAKE AND FOREST Introduction The food chain shows or describes which organism eats which one in the wild. Every living being—from one-celled algae to gigantic blue whales—needs food for survival. Each and every food chain is a probable pathway followed by energy and nutrients through the entire ecosystem. For example, grass produces its own food using sunlight by phototsynthesis, as we all know. The grass is eaten by a rabbit,say. Then the rabbit is eaten by a fox. When the fox dies, its body is broken by the bacteria, returning it to the soil where nutrients are provided by it for plants like grass. Of course, many different animals may eat grass, and rabbits may eat other plants besides grass. Foxes, in turn, may eat many…show more content…
They are called the primary consumers, or herbivores. Turtles, deers and many types of birds are herbivores. Secondary consumers eat the herbivores. Tertiary consumers in turn eat the secondary consumers. There may be many more levels of consumers before a chain finally reaches its topmost predator. Top predators, also called “apex” predators, eat other consumers. Consumers can be carnivores (animals that eat other animals) omnivores (animals that eat both plants and animals). Omnivores, like human beings, consume many types of foods. People eat plants, such as vegetables and fruits. Animals and animal products, such as meat, milk, and eggs are also eaten by us. We also eat fungi, such as mushrooms. We also eat algae, edible seaweeds like nori (used to wrap “sushi” rolls, a Japanese cuisine) and sea lettuce(used in salads). Detritivores and decomposers form the final part of food chains. Detritivores are organisms that eat non-living plant and animal remains. For example, scavengers such as vultures eat dead animals. Dung beetles eat animal

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