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Carp fly fishing tips Many anglers and fly fishing fans love fly fishing for carp. While many fishers think that fly fishing is the used only to catch trout and salmon, they do not know that even carp and even deep-sea fish can be caught through fly fishing. The carp fish is known to be a fighter which makes angling for carp more difficult. This is the reason behind the popularity of carp fly fishing. The main things you need to possess for catching carp is speed and accuracy. You need to be able to spot the carp before it spots you. You need to be accurate while being fast and nail the fish just on time. The most important object involved with fly fishing for a carp is the rod. You have to be able to cast the rod over anything between 3-15 m of water. Using a graphite rod of between 8’6’ and 9’ in length is the best choice for achieving this. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the butt of the rod is solid has can stand a fight with the fish. Carp fish are known to be fighters and can put up quite a solid fight with the angler. If you are fishing for carps that are very large, then even a 9 foot rod is recommended.…show more content…
This makes your decision over the rod the most important one because both can contradict each other. You need to be able to strike a balance between the both while selecting the rod. Carp fish can be very aggressive when they are caught which is one of the reasons that they are such a challenge for fishermen. Using a large reel with an expose rim is beneficial. You need a rod with at least a weight of 20 pounds to be able to handle the heavy carp. However, if the water has a lot of weeds, you can use a 30 pound rod. Do keep in mind that carps usually tend to take out the maximum of the line in most situations so keep at least 150 meters of backup line while

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