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Balanced chemical equation: 2(AlCl3* 6H2O) + CoCl2* 6H2O -> CoO*Al2O3 + 8(HCl) Two different reactants: Aluminum chloride hexahydrate (AlCl3* 6H2O) Cobalt (II) chloride hexahydrate (CoCl2* 6H2O) Chemicals needed to synthesize the pigment: 583 mg Aluminum chloride hexahydrate (AlCl3* 6H2O) 117 mg Cobalt (II) chloride hexahydrate (CoCl2* 6H2O) Equipment needed to prepare the pigment: Test Tube Meker burner Electronic scale Muller Pestle Vacuum hose Funnel Stopwatch Tongs Procedure for synthesis: Measure 583 mg of Aluminum chloride hexahydrate and 117 mg of Cobalt (II) chloride hexahydrate Grind up Aluminum chloride hexahydrate and cobalt (II) chloride hexahydrate Put the pigments in a test tube and heat by putting the test tube over a meker…show more content…
We will know when its dry when the paint is no longer wet and can not be spread around by touching it or smearing it. 2) Opacity Test: Paint 1 coat of each of the paints on different types of paper and test how thick/ how bright the paint is. Observe the transparency. Such that if we paint it on the paper with words typed on it will we still be able to see what was on it or will it be covered completely. Also how many coats will it take to cover any words that are on the paper. 3) Viscosity Test: Use watch glass. Put a dab of each of the paints of equal size on the watch glass, then tilt vertically for 5- 7 seconds and see how far/ how fast each paint travels. Measure the the distance from where the drop was made to where the drop stopped after the given time. Supplies needed to perform test(s): Paint brushes (supplied from outside of lab) Paper, i.e. lined, printer and paper with text (from outside of lab) Stopwatch Equipment needed to perform test(s): Watch

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