Pride And Prejudice Quotes From To Kill A Mockingbird

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Rewritten from Tom Robinson point of view- Chapter 18- The trail scene “Mayella Violet Ewell—!” I watched the young girl walk to to the witness stand. She swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. She looked so innocent, but now she's shitting in that chair everything has changes. Across from me was Mayella’s father, he bathed regularly and had a scalded look on his face. Mayella on the other hand was tidy and tried to look clean. Mr. Gilmer stood in front of Mayella and asked her to tell judge Taylor and the jury what happened on the twenty-first of November last year in her own words. Mayella said nothing. She said nothing cause she doesn’t know what to say, nothing happened that evening. Mr.Gilmer repeated “Where were you that night?” “On the Porch” “What were you doing on the porch Mayella?” “Nothin” Impatiently Judge Taylor buts in “Just tell us what happened. You can do that, can’t you?”…show more content…
“Im scared of him”. “I—I was on the porch and—and he came along and, you see, there was this old chiffarobe in the yard Papa’d brought in to chop up for kindling‘—Papa told me to do it while he was off in the woods but I wasn’t feeling strong enough then, so he came by- and I said I would get a penny for him you see, so I went inside and when I turned around he had me round the neck and kept hitting me, again and again”. I sat there in despair, how dare she say that, she has pinned me against a wall with no escape. I’m not capable to do that, I have no ability to do so in my left hand, surely the evidence is clear that I didn't do it, but because she's a sweet innocent young girl with a witch of a father and I’m a nigger, theres no way I can get out of this one, lets just hope that Mr. Finch can get me out of this one. I could see nothing in Mayella’s face that she was telling the truth, her father sat there grinning as she lied straight to the face of

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